The Research Team

Dr. Tabea Hässler

A professional portrait of Tabea Hässler. Tabea is slightly smiling in front of a grey background.

Dr. Tabea Hässler is a senior researcher at the University of Zurich and one of the curators of the Swiss LGBTIQ+ Panel. Tabea’s research focuses on responses to inequalities among members of diverse advantaged and disadvantaged groups (e.g., in the LGBTIQ+, gender, and ethnic context) with a particular focus on the situation of LGBTIQ+ individuals in Switzerland and beyond. A central aim of Tabea’s work is to promote more inclusive societies and social justice. Therefore, Tabea considers it important to disseminate the findings among a broad audience.

Dr. Léïla Eisner 

A professional portrait of Léïla Eisner. Léïla is smiling in front of a white background.

Dr. Léïla Eisner is a postdoctoral researcher in social psychology and one of the curators of the Swiss LGBTIQ+ Panel. Léïla’s research interest broadly involves intergroup relations and discrimination, with an emphasis on social norms and support for social change movements in the LGBTIQ+ context. Furthermore, Léïla believes in bridging the gap between academia and the community. Therefore, Léïla strives towards diffusion of research findings among the general public.

The Social Media Team

Leo Theissing 

A portrait of Leo in front of a light pink wall, matching their light pink short hair. They are wearing a black elegant turtle neck pullover.

Leo Theissing is a master student of Gender Studies and Sociology at the University of Basel. They are a transmasculine non-binary person and queerfeminist activist. Their work at the Swiss LGBTIQ+ Panel includes assistance researching and website management.

Enea Bacilieri

Enea Bacilieri is a master student of Culture, Politics and Religion in Pluralist Societies at the University of Fribourg with a personal strong focus on the link between religion and society, social justice and humanitarian and social work. Writing texts and translations, as well as supporting the French-speaking and Italian-speaking part of the project, his work at the Swiss LGBTIQ+ Panel represents a great opportunity for him to direct his theoretical skills to support practical work for the benefit of social justice.

Lena Scheiwiller

Lena Scheiwiller is a bachelor student of Psychology and Popular Culture Studies at the University of Zurich. In her former studies, she completed a bachelor’s degree of Illustration Fiction at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and is working as an illustrator and graphic designer for the Swiss LGBTIQ+ Panel.

Mia Vetterli

Mia Vetterli is a law student at the University of Zurich. Working at the Swiss LGBTIQ+ Panel is the perfect opportunity for her to combine her interests in social issues and social media management trying reach out to as many people as possible for a more equal society in which everyone can feel a part.


Tabea Hässler and Léïla Eisner
Binzmühlestrasse 14/15
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credit header: Jasmin Sessler